• David West – Boca Grande Condominium Association

  • To whom it may concern we have had an excellent working relationship with Safe Harbor Property Management.  They have structured the operation of our building into two functions, the daily management of the building and grounds and the long term requirements necessary to keep the building and grounds properly maintained.  We have found this approach works best for our owners as we are better prepared to meet the future needs of the condominium.

    The daily maintenance and clean up at the building is consistent and performed by a well-trained employee of Safe Harbor.  Special projects / concerns are addressed and overseen directly by the management of the company.

    The financial side of the Condominium’s business has been executed professionally and without issue.

    Based on our experience with the people at Safe Harbor Management Company we have found them to be capable professionals who have a clear focus on the successful operation of our building.


    David West

    President, Boca Grande Condominium Association

    David West - Boca Grande Condominium Association