• Suzanne Clark

  • To Whom it May Concern:

    Kim Jones, and the staff from Safe Harbor Property Management, has been cleaning my condo in Ocean City for the last twelve years.  There are not enough words of praise to describe how fortunate I am to have found Kim when we had decided to manage our rentals directly instead of going through a rental agency.

    Our experience with the rental agency cleaners was disappointing.  We do not regularly visit the condo during the summer months, and consequently, did not learn about condition problems until our first visit in the fall. When we questioned the rental agency about being notified of problems during the season, we were told a different cleaner visited the condo each week and would not know its original condition.

    Since Kim and the Safe Harbor staff have been cleaning, we have never had these issues.  The cleaners go above and beyond what might be expected to see that the condo is as clean for the end-of-season renters as for the early renters.  These are some reasons I would recommend Safe Harbor:

    • The Safe Harbor staff are reliable and professional. Once I have e-mailed the season’s schedule, I am assured the condo will be clean and ready for each renter.
    • We have never had a complaint that the condo was not perfectly clean. Many of my renters return year after year, and they would know if there were changes in the cleaning standards.
    • Safe Harbor provides flexibility in the cleaning schedule. I do weekly rentals through the summer but weekends during the rest of the year.  I just have give Safe Harbor the dates the renters will arrive and leave, and they take care of the rest.
    • Kim keeps us informed if there is a problem with a specific renter, as soon as the problems are found. This helps me flag that renter as unacceptable for the next season.
    • There have been occasions when Kim Jones and Safe Harbor has come to my rescue when the unexpected has caused me to need emergency help.
      • We had a renter whose keys would not unlock the door. Kim took the time to drive into Ocean City to get them into the condo using her set of keys.  This saved me a long drive from Baltimore.
      • On one occasion, I was working in Salisbury and staying at the condo. I had to leave unexpectedly for a family emergency. I made frantic call to Kim who had me on my way with the assurance that the condo would be cleaned.
      • Bedspreads and dust ruffles had to be changed mid-season (due to an especially careless renter), and the Safe Harbor staff took on this task, saving me a long drive to Ocean City.
    • Jeff Bowden sends monthly bills that are accurate and timely.


    We wish Kim, Jeff and the Safe Harbor staff continued success with their business.

    Suzanne and Joe Clark

    Suzanne Clark