• Vanessa Jones

  • It is with great pleasure that I recommend Safe Harbor Property Management, LLC.

    During my time employed with a real estate developer, which also owned a 152 bed international student apartment building and 10 luxury vacation rentals in a resort area, I came to work closely with Safe Harbor Property Management, LLC. I found them to always be honest and trustworthy. Their excellent staff is always willing to go above and beyond and are very attentive to all of the necessary details that go into effective property management.

    Kim and Jeff’s involvement with the day to day activities, coordination of work load and being very hands on made is a pleasure to work with such a great group of people. They have handled many difficulties pertaining to weather related storms very effectively.
    Their customer service is outstanding. Response time to phone calls is exceptional. I also feel they dealt with emergency issues in a timely and efficient fashion.

    I would highly recommend Safe Harbor Property Management, LLC.

    Vanessa Jones

    Vanessa Jones